Schultz & Larsen M97-DL Sporter

S&L based in Rask Mølle manufacture a range of rifles and this is one of the more obscure, the M97-DL Sporter. This one is chambered in 6,5-284 and is fitted with a 650,0mm switch barrel designed to be swapped out in a couple of minutes with the use of a couple of Hex keys.Plus Apel rings and a Kahles K312 ‘scope. The ‘scope sits quite high in the rings and could do with being dropped down a few millimetres however the position is quite comfortable with the adjustable cheek piece.

It comes with a 5 shot single stack magazine and a massive and very slick three lug bolt that in some respects reminds me of a Barnard.These rifles are factory bedded however the bedding areas is quite sparse and it would benefit from cutting the existing bedding out, fitting new and then re-bedding with Devcon or similar.

This one belongs to Christel although I use it more often than she does, it is shot with N560 and 139 Scenar’s and kept to a fairly steady MV as it is intended to be shot three position. Accuracy wise it has been used in F Open competitions under the banner of ‘S Class’ and I have finished with an F Class V Bull at 1200 yards on a few occasions. Downside is the barrel will warm up fairly quickly however once allowances are made for this and shooting technique suitable modified it is an excellent shooter on the range.



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