The Steyr SSG 69 P1

OK, so this is not a Danish Rifle however it is European so well worth a mention.

A Steyr SSG 69 P1 complete with a ZFM 6x42Z Scope and Q/R rings numbered to the rifle arrived today and I have to admit I have always been a bit of a fan of these rifles.

Originally designed back in 1969 for the Austrian Army the Scharfschützengewehr 69 (Sniper Rifle 69) was a bit unusual. For starters it had a 6 lug rear locking bolt 18,9mm bolt and a synthetic stock. The hammer forged 1:12 650mm barrel chambered in 7,62×51 NATO was a push fit into the receiver. It featured a rotary type magazine and came as standard with open sights as well as a Kahles 6×42 ‘scope fitted with quick release rings and it was a sensible weight. Possibly most impressive was the accuracy with a claimed 0.5MOA or better with factory ammunition. A claim that has been proven on many occasions.


This particular SSG 69 P1 dates from February 2002 and is fitted with the factory Swarovski ZFM ‘scope. These days Swarovski own Kahles so it is pretty close to the original. SSG P1Graduated out to 800m the elevation drum is divided into 0,25 Mils clicks with the windage 0,1Mils or 2.5cms/click and 1cms/click at 100m. The reticle is a three post affair with limited range finding capability.

The horizontal centre line is 0,15 Mils thick and 14 Mils wide and the vertical post is 1,5 Mils wide so something to work with. Quite what the elevation cam is calibrated to remains to be seen, my guess is something around 150 grains at 2800fps.  The turrets are quite ‘manly’ to operate with clearly defined clicks.

The bolt stroke is short at around 89,0mm and the 6 lugs give a lift of around 60 degrees. I have read reports of the bolt lugs letting go and the bolt coming back when fired out of battery. All I can say is YEAH RIGHT! My opinion is this is yet another internet myth, I have spent a few minutes testing and I just cannot see how the rifle could be fired out of battery. As for snapping lugs off, well cram enough super fast powder into a case and it will probably lock up, however as to shearing lugs…

The trigger is a good old military type two stage trigger that is adjustable for length of first stage and break from 1 ,1 – 1,8kg / 2,47 – 4,04lb. This rifle is at the upper limit and I see no reason to change this significantly.

Cosmetically this rifle truly is superb and unmarked with the original parkerised finish as it came from the factory and the green synthetic stock, butt spacers and trigger guard in equally perfect condition. All in all a very nice rifle and one I am looking forward to getting down to the range.