Emil Frandsen – Gunsmith

Hopefully someone will pick this up and be able to tell me more.

The RPLT42 we now have has been converted to a sporter/hunting type rifle, the work appears to consist of shortening the forend, removing the upper hand guard and fitting pads to accept ‘scope rings. The stock is stamped Emil Frandsen who we assume is the person/company that did the ‘conversion’

So what do we know about Frandsen? Well nothing really, the webynet draws a blank to our searches with the single exception to three or more generations of Gunsmiths in Vejle in Mid Jylland.

  • Gunsmith Søren Frandsen (started 1837 in Follerup, later Vejle)
  • Gunsmith Kresten Sorensen Frandsen (Vejle) took over the company in 1877
  • Gunsmith (Peter) Emil Frandsen (Vejle) took over the company the 1903, Emil died in 1951
  • The company continued for around 10 years, possibly run by his son Hardy K. Krejbjerg Frandsen (Vejle)

If anyone knows more we would be very interested to receive updates on this family of Gunsmiths.


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    1. I would automatically say this was spam however they actually look like an interesting product and reading further I even think I have a Cratex block in a draw along with various slips and stones.


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