A new theme for the Dansk Gevaer Journal

The more eagle eyed of my readers may have noticed yet another change to the layout of one of my Journals as it was way overdue.

Like my Shooting SHED Journal I use WordPress for this Journal (I hate the Bl*g word) and although I have always ensured everything was fully up to date version and security wise I had never actually got around to changing the theme to something more in keeping with this part of decade until this evening and I do hope you like it!

The main image is the Vikings Danish Snider, here in the UK it is categorised as an ‘obsolete calibre’ and will remain that way until I get my act together and machine her some cases. Sadly from that point it will need to be removed from the wall and locked away in our secure armoury.

I have also added some additional menu items at the top, an email thing and ‘Firearms For Sale’ a category that is very much a work in progress and will ultimately be a calling off point for those of you looking for an older rifle as opposed to the latest or greatest tactical or sporting offering. Expect very little in the way of rifles less than 30 years old and expect a good few pre-war examples.

-More to follow.

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