Niels Larsen, the Olympics and it’s legacy to the Schultz & Larsen.

Niels Larsen and the Olympics – Niels took a Bronze in what was to be his last Olympic appearance at Paris 1924 in the 600 metre free rifle competition. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the only ‘Baltic States’ that competed the ‘24 Olympics and I can find no reference to any of these countries actually competing in the 600m shooting events.

However Finland was referred to as part of the Baltic Stated in the 1920′s and Heikki Huttunen and Johannes Theslöf of Finland did compete in the 600m free rifle Theslöf 39th 79 points and Huttunen finished 44th with 77 points so maybe one of these two shooters competed with the rifle that inspired Niels Larsen to build the M38 rear locker.


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