The Danish Snider

Well this is one for the ‘Tick list’ A Danish Infantry Snider by the look of it. Time for some research now.


I just took a few minutes out to build a dummy round to confirm operation of the firing pin, this is it with a 5,56×45 NATO case alongside for scale. The case is around 18mmx28mm and the bullet is 17,5mm in diameter. I realised after I had machined this that the drawing I used was wrong however the case part is correct. I have always said beware a rifle that you can stick your finger down the end of, Christel can get her thumb in the end of this one…

Right, this is a bit more as it should be.

This dummy case was built from 6082 T6 however the final version will be brass, I can easily build a split clamp to hold the case in place to allow machining of the primer pocket. The original Danish Snider cartridge was a rim fire and all but impossible to find and certainly far too expensive to consider shooting so I will build new cases with an offset primer hole, because it is a rimfire the ‘primer’ will probably end up being a .22LR blank which is an unknown as they are hot to start off with and I am not sure of the pressure characteristics with black powder.

The rifle itself:

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