Merging of our e-commerce sites

We have made some changes to our e-commerce sites, for a while now we have run for shiny stuff, new rifles and actions and bespoke engineering and for reloading consumables, third party products and second hand rifle sales however reloading consumables have never been deemed to be a core business so we have decided to merge both e-commerce sites under the Shooting SHED banner. This Dansk Gevaer site will continue solely as a Journal dedicated to Danish and other older rifles as it was originally intended. Of course this does mean I need to add some articles to it and bring it up to date 🙂

This certainly does not mean we will stop selling reloading consumables so if you are after something drop us an email or use the contact page on the e-commerce site or even call us 01472 399714 and we will be able to confirm price and availability.

The Shooting SHED site will be updated to reflect this change, meanwhile I had better get on with writing to this site again.

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