Jørgen Balthasar Dalhoff

Jørgen Balthasar Dalhoff, a Dane died in 1890 at the ripe old age of 89 years old. Over his 89 years he was, according to the book ‘The life of Jørgen Balthasar Dalhoff (1800-1890) As told and shown by his own letters and designs’

An Artist Artisan – Goldsmith – Wandering Journeyman – Designer – Lecturer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts – Collaborator and Confidant of Thorvaldsen – The King’s Jeweller – Founder of the Industrial Association – Manufacturer, from fine Objects of Art to cheap Kitchen Utensils – Industrial ”Spy” on constant Travels – Instigator of Trade Schools – Contractor, Introducer of Central Heating – Displayer at World Exhibitions – Deviser of a Life Saving Vessel – Inventor, 13 Patents for Processes and Machinery, plus a Rifle Sight – Amateur Horticulturist.

Yes, Jørgen Balthasar Dalhoff is the chap that designed the wonderful curved rear sight for the Danish Snider and for this reason as any he is worthy of mention.


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