Coming soon!

You may have noticed, well, not a lot happening here to be honest. This is about to change.

Coming soon we have a revised on-line shop for old and interesting shotguns, rifles and pistols. You are not going to find a shiny new Remington or Beretta here, however you will find an eclectic selection of interesting things. The sort of things we like and shoot ourselves.

You will also find that they have all been personally inspected and serviced if necessary by ourselves and are ready to shoot. We will also include as much history of the firearm as we can find and any other interesting notes or observations.

Take care.

David & Christel

A new theme for the Dansk Gevaer Journal

The more eagle eyed of my readers may have noticed yet another change to the layout of one of my Journals as it was way overdue.

Like my Shooting SHED Journal I use WordPress for this Journal (I hate the Bl*g word) and although I have always ensured everything was fully up to date version and security wise I had never actually got around to changing the theme to something more in keeping with this part of decade until this evening and I do hope you like it!

The main image is the Vikings Danish Snider, here in the UK it is categorised as an ‘obsolete calibre’ and will remain that way until I get my act together and machine her some cases. Sadly from that point it will need to be removed from the wall and locked away in our secure armoury.

I have also added some additional menu items at the top, an email thing and ‘Firearms For Sale’ a category that is very much a work in progress and will ultimately be a calling off point for those of you looking for an older rifle as opposed to the latest or greatest tactical or sporting offering. Expect very little in the way of rifles less than 30 years old and expect a good few pre-war examples.

-More to follow.

Dansk Gevaer/Shooting SHED Summer Break

We are taking a few days off now and will not be able to answer emails or telephone calls for a few days. You can place orders as normal by email or via the website however we will not be able to confirm receipt or reply until our return Tuesday September 01st 2015

Fingers crossed our UK weather holds out for at least some of next week!

Merging of our e-commerce sites

We have made some changes to our e-commerce sites, for a while now we have run for shiny stuff, new rifles and actions and bespoke engineering and for reloading consumables, third party products and second hand rifle sales however reloading consumables have never been deemed to be a core business so we have decided to merge both e-commerce sites under the Shooting SHED banner. This Dansk Gevaer site will continue solely as a Journal dedicated to Danish and other older rifles as it was originally intended. Of course this does mean I need to add some articles to it and bring it up to date 🙂

This certainly does not mean we will stop selling reloading consumables so if you are after something drop us an email or use the contact page on the e-commerce site or even call us 01472 399714 and we will be able to confirm price and availability.

The Shooting SHED site will be updated to reflect this change, meanwhile I had better get on with writing to this site again.

Google translate function

Just a minor thing, I have added the Google translate function to Dansk Gevaer so all you need do is choose your preferred language by clicking the drop down menu top right hand side of any page and it is instantly translated to your chosen language.

Hopefully people who need the page translated will spot the button ===========>>>>>

Catching up on things

The Dansk Gevær Journal has been quiet for a while, this is not to say we have not been doing things, the reloading consumables side of things is ticking along nicely however there is still the ongoing issue of availability in the UK with some specific items being either non existent or thin on the ground. No matter, I am sure things will get better for UK shooters in 2014.

Anyway, enough of this reloading stuff, this is a Danish Rifle Journal and I have a project that needs looking at 🙂

An update on the shop side of things…

I suppose this is Spam of a fashion so I will keep things brief. Our new Reloading Consumables side of things  is Open. It lists the most asked for Lapua, Berger, Sierra and Forster reloading products plus many other items. We think our consumables prices are very keen.

There is certainly a lot more to add to the site however it is a reasonable start and I would like to think the prices are very keen.

News update –

We have added to the fold. Although Dansk Gevaer translates as ‘Danish Rifle’ Danish Rifles seemed to make more sense in English so now English as well as Danish speaking people can find us. The new site will forward to Dansk Gevaer so you will always see this Journal plus some other parts of the site we have in mind 🙂

More to follow.